Maintenance+ HVAC Service Membership


It’s simple to fail to remember routine maintenance for your heating and cooling system. But it’s the most important priority on our minds at Donelson Air Service Experts.

That’s due to the fact routine service gives many advantages for your equipment, including greater efficiency and a reduced chance for malfunctions. You can receive these advantages—and more—by enrolling in our Maintenance+ membership.

As a member, you’ll get fast response with 24/7/365 priority service. You’ll also pay less for our Expert repairs. As always, our service is supported by a one-year, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.*

Our Experts will also complete an exhaustive check of your equipment whenever they’re at your home. These examinations could help identify heating, cooling and indoor air quality problems. If you need to improve your residence’s air, this membership can help you save on air quality solutions as well.

You’ll also be given our Home Health™ Report Card, which goes over the HVAC concerns in your house. This can help you make a smart decision when you’re trying to decide between repair or replacement.

Why is Regular HVAC Maintenance so Critial?

Routine maintenance offers many benefits for your heating and cooling unit.

  1. Brings back efficiency that can save you up to 30% on heating and cooling expenses.**
  2. Discovers small troubles before they create expensive service.
  3. Helps extend your unit’s life cycle.
  4. Keeps your manufacturer’s parts warranty intact.
  5. Helps shield your family from carbon monoxide poisoning, if you use a fuel-burning furnace.

This membership plan includes annual Precision Tune-Ups for your heating and cooling system. This checkup is the most exhaustive in the business. That’s due to the fact its multistep cleaning and adjustment processes help restore your unit to the highest efficiency, trustworthiness and energy savings.

As well as a 29-point visual inspection, here’s what each tune-up involves.

Cooling Precision Tune-Up

  • Testing thermostat calibration
  • Monitoring refrigerant pressure and cooling cycle
  • Analyzing A/C starting capacities and safety mechanisms
  • Washing the condenser coil and condensate drain
  • Adding new standard air filters

Heating Precision Tune-Up

  • Scrubbing and tuning burner and ignition assembly
  • Checking thermostat calibration and combustion air
  • Examining furnace starting power and safety controls
  • Replacing standard air filters
  • Strengthening electrical connections
  • Evaluating volts/amps

What Our Maintenance+ Membership Has to Offer

  • Annual Precision Tune-Ups
  • Energy savings up to 30%**
  • Yearly safety examinations
  • Guaranteed 24/7/365 priority service
  • No trip or overtime expenses
  • 15% discount on repairs and air quality products
  • One-year, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee* on repairs
  • Lifetime thermostat warranty
  • Home Health™ Report Card on every visit
  • 29-point visual examination on every visit

To start the process, reach our Experts at 615-953-9885. We’ll help you choose the ideal membership plan to fit your necessities and budget.

*For Maintenance+, certain warranty exclusions and limitations apply. See your signed Maintenance+ agreement for full terms and conditions. For the Advantage Program™, please see your signed Advantage Program Agreement for full details and exclusions. Lease with approved credit; visit for details. **Potential savings may vary depending on age and condition of equipment, personal lifestyle, system settings, equipment maintenance, and installation of equipment and duct system.