How Often Should You Do AC Maintenance? 

The temperature is getting hot outside, and your air conditioner is trying harder than before to keep your rooms comfy. You might be wondering, how often should you do AC maintenance in the U.S.? If you forgot this spring, you’ve got time to get the advantages from this crucial regular service! Here are the reasons your AC unit needs air conditioning maintenance each year. 

A scheduled consultation is more convenient than a late-night repair. 

Scheduled maintenance is a normal expense you can know is coming and plan for. It also provides your technician an opening to discover issues quicker and do small air conditioning repairs before they trigger costly harm. You don’t want your air conditioning to die in the worst days of summer ( system frequently break when it’s working the hardest, on the hottest day). Regular work on your cooling system will make it less likely to fail and require any additional service this season, saving your finances and giving you satisfaction all through the warm weather. 

Your energy bills will be cut. 

A maintained air conditioner works easily and efficiently. This means it uses less resources, emits a reduced number of pollutants, and lessens your utility costs. This by itself is usually enough for the cost of seasonal maintenance to pay for itself, making it a great annual purchase. 

Your machine will have a longer life. 

As if the reduced costs from less frequent breakdowns and less costly energy costs weren’t reason enough, regular air conditioner maintenance also helps your family’s AC live longer. You can receive a a handful of added years out of a well-kept cooling system in contrast to a forgotten system. This tidbit may save you a decent amount of money over time, just by calling for annual service. 

Your house will feel cooler. 

Many of the tasks done during maintenance sessions help the equipment cool your place more effectively. Expect better airflow, decreased hot and cold spots, more efficient humidity control and even quieter operation. These enhancements assure your home remains comfortable even when the temperature skyrockets during the summer. 

Your warranty demands annual maintenance. 

If your cooling system is still within warranty, look through your policy. You will likely find that replacement elements are exclusively covered if you can prove that you service the air conditioner regularly. This is because manufacturers recognize that annual tune-ups can help limit malfunctions. Be sure to make an account of your seasonal visits as proof just in case you should need to file a claim. 

Many reliable institutions advise yearly maintenance. 

Do you trust the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Energy and ENERGY STAR® not to lead you off path? If so, remember that these trustworthy organizations all agree that seasonal cooling system maintenance is indispensable for lessening last-minute fixes, enhancing energy efficiency, and prolonging the life span of your air conditioner. 

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