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  • 7 Tips for a More Earth-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Home

    With the celebration of Earth Day a few weeks ago and spring cleaning on the minds of many homeowners, it’s the perfect time to make homes more earth-friendly and energy efficient. In fact, with only a few small, economical changes, homeowners could be on their way to saving 20% or more on... Continue reading

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  • Why Does My Air Conditioner Sound Like Running Water?

    Air conditioners are complex systems that rely on many different parts, which includes a compressor, evaporator coil, condenser coil and refrigerant to regulate your home’s temperature and humidity level. While these machines are typically sturdy and reliable, it’s not unheard of for AC units... Continue reading

  • What Can Animal Hair Do to My AC Filter?

    Pets can be found in millions of homes. You probably consider your dog or cat a beloved family member and want to have them around for many years--> How Does an AC Filter Work, and Why is It So Important?  A filter is an important part of any forced-air HVAC system. It captures airborne... Continue reading

  • 13 Air Conditioning Efficiency Tips for Homeowners

    You may very well not think twice about turning up the air conditioning when it’s scorching hot outside—until you see your electricity bill. Air conditioning accounts for about 12% of the everyday U.S. home’s 12-month energy expenditures and up to 70% of your utility expenses during the... Continue reading

  • Can Water Heaters Freeze?

    Based on your location, mild weather or harsh cold may be the norm in the wintertime. Regardless, your water heater has to work harder when the temperature drops outside. This begs the question — can water heaters freeze?   Although very rare, it’s actually not impossible for a... Continue reading

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  • Air Conditioner vs. Air Handler

    If you’re hunting for heating and cooling services, you may encounter confusing, sometimes contradictory information about a variety of HVAC systems. One element that creates a lot of confusion is the air handler. Is this the equivalent of an air conditioner? We’re here to clear things... Continue reading

  • Why Is My Toilet Leaking at the Base?

    Do you see water on the floor near the toilet? Don’t put your head in the sand. Left unaddressed, your toilet will continue leaking a little bit with each flush, allowing dirty water to pool on the bathroom floor and potentially causing unsanitary mold damage and rot in the subfloor.  A... Continue reading

  • Why Is There No Water in My Toilet Tank? 

    Did you just try to flush your toilet, and nothing occurred? Glance into the tank, and you may see no water inside. Before you worry, rest assured that fixing this challenge is usually straightforward. If you can’t do it yourself, you can always schedule toilet repair with an experienced... Continue reading

  • Why Is My Toilet Slow to Fill?

    Is your toilet tank filling more slowly than usual? This is a frequent toilet issue with several possible causes. Thankfully, none of them are serious concerns or expensive to fix. Follow this guide to get your slow toilet flowing properly again.  How to Repair a Slow-Filling... Continue reading

  • Nine Suspicious AC Smells and What They Mean

    Air conditioning is a necessary part of modern living, even more so during humid summer months. When you use your air conditioner, you want pleasant, cool, refreshing air to fill your home. But sometimes, AC units give off strange or concerning odors that make you curious if something’s... Continue reading

  • Why Do Plumbers Need a License in Most States?

    Plumbing is a crucial part of your daily life. When you trust a plumber to clean your drains, fix your water heater or install a water softener, you want the assurance of getting the job done right. While reading reviews and learning more about the company’s history can help, the number one... Continue reading

  • 8 Plumbing Tips for New Homeowners 

    Are you ready to be a new homeowner? Well done! It’s a relief to own a home and not have to deal with a landlord. Nonetheless, homeownership comes with plenty of new responsibilities. For example, you are now accountable for keeping any pipes and plumbing fixtures in good condition.  The... Continue reading