5 Signs You Need a New Water Heater

You could be surprised at how easy it is to be unaware of your water heater’s age, or how difficult it can be to notice a problem before it creates damage.

There are a couple indications that you can take advantage of to keep an eye on the status of your water heater. You’ll want to be watching for them to keep your equipment in the finest condition.

Here are five possible signs it could be time to replace your water heater in Nashville.

1. It’s Starting to Show Its Age

Just like the other important appliances inside your home, your water heater has a defined life span. When it reaches the end, it will run much less efficiently and could be costlier to repair than getting a new one.

The usual water heater lifetime is about six to eight years. You won’t want your water heater to be in use for past 10 years, as this may lead to pricey damage in your house if it leaks.

It’s always possible for your water heater to experience issues earlier than this time, so pay attention to anything that feels odd.

2. Rust is Starting to Appear

Rust is usually an indication your water heater needs to be checked. Rust is corrosive and could quickly expand to other parts. This can cause a leak or other malfunctions. If you notice a little on the tank or pipes, speak with a licensed professional.

3. Not Enough Heated Water

If your water heater is having difficulty heating water, that’s a clear sign an upgrade is needed. Your heater may not be able to create any hot water because of buildup. The tank volume might also be inadequate for the volume of water your household needs.

This is very true for larger residences. The speedier you run out of hot water, the more critical it is to evaluate getting a new one.

4. You’re Hearing Unusual Noises

Your water heater will make some noise. If you have noticed clanging noises coming from the tank on a regular basis, that may suggest a component is loose.

Strange sounds might also indicate there’s sediment building up inside the tank’s base. Excessive buildup might force your water heater to work harder and increase your energy expenses as a result.

Listen closely if you start to note any strange noises, and call us as soon as possible.

5. Sudden Leaks

If you see puddles or dark spots near your water heater, it’s a good time to think about installing a replacement unit ASAP.

These leaks are often caused by small fractures in the tank itself. The longer you disregard it, the more likely you’ll have a crisis when the tank malfunctions. (You can avoid a messy tank malfunction in the future by upgrading to a tankless water heater, which doesn’t keep water.)

Water damage is costly to fix and a nuisance you shouldn’t have to worry about.

If your water heater is past its prime, or in extreme need of pro repairs, reach out to the Donelson Air Service Experts team at 615-953-9885. You can also create an appointment by contacting us online.

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